the world population has reached 8 billion people and the views of Cornucopianism and Neo-Malthusianism

Today's population challenges are very complex where there are many problems related to population. The increase in the world's population is a challe
population distribution map
population distribution map


Today's population challenges are very complex where there are many problems related to population. The increase in the world's population is a challenge for various disciplines. Along with the increasing population, population problems will continue to increase and vary with the times.

We often hear about the problems that exist in developing countries, namely the number of populations or populations that are increasing while in developed countries we often hear about declining or small population growth. Then it is also undeniable that the world's population has now reached 8 billion souls, which will trigger the thought of whether the earth is ready to accommodate billions of people again in the future. The debate about population, especially about population, has existed for a long time and until now the debate is still and still continues. Where there is the most popular debate about this population, namely the debate between people who say that the increasing population in the world is not a problem because humans can overcome the problem with technological advances (Cornucopianism) and those who oppose it are Malthusianism or Neo-Malthusianism where they believe that increasing population can affect many things and make damage and so on. So which is the most relevant and most plausible view with the current state of the world?


In order to go further, we must first know what Cornucopianism and Malthusianism or Neo-Malthusianism are. Cornucopianism is a view that human beings can produce natural resources and technology will always keep pace with the growth of the human population and the demand for resources. This view emphasizes that unlimited natural resources and constantly evolving technologies will always be able to provide enough resources to meet human needs, so there is no need to worry about the scarcity of resources. The function of the Cornucopian view is to state that human beings have an extraordinary ability to produce natural and technological resources that will always keep pace with population growth and demand for resources. This view gives confidence that technological advances will always help humans overcome the problem of resource scarcity. An example of the Cornucopian view can be seen from how humans have succeeded in increasing agricultural production through agricultural technology that continues to develop, so as to be able to meet the increasing need for food due to rapid population growth. Technology has also helped humans find new ways to manage natural resources so they don't drain too much. As for Malthusianism or Neo-Malthusianism, Malthus was the first to bring up about the population. In "Essay on Population", Malthus thinks that foodstuffs are essential for survival, human passions are irresistible and population growth is much faster than foodstuffs. Malthus's theory states that population growth follows a series of measures while the growth of food availability follows a counting series, in this case where there is a problem of exploding the number of people in the city that is not balanced with the availability of food is reduced, this is a less profitable balance if we return to Malthus's theory. Malthus's theory clearly emphasizes the importance of the balance of population increase according to the measuring series to the supply of foodstuffs according to the counting series. Neo-Malthusianism is a view that takes the basis of the theory of Malthusianism, which states that the growth of the human population will always be restricted due to the limited natural resources available. NeoMalthusianism emphasizes that population management is one of the solutions to reduce pressure on natural resources and ensure the availability of sufficient resources to meet human needs in the future. This view also emphasizes the importance of education and contraception to control population growth so that there is no scarcity of resources.

From these views, it can be seen that Cornucopians believe that increasing population will not cause problems they believe that human abilities will be able to get out of the problems they face where they believe human knowledge can overcome it where a lot of Cornucopians views are poured into various instruments of life such as movies where we can see a lot of films with the theme of the universe or science fiction that relating to browsing other servers easily and more. Then from the school of Neo-Malthusianism says that the population causes problems which can lead to the emergence of problems such as poverty, hunger and others due to few resources and inability to meet human needs which are not satisfied this view is also usually poured into certain interesting films.

From this let's look at the repercentization of those views in the real world. Starting from the Cornucopians school where nowadays there are many countries or organizations that make programs related to space such as those carried out by blue origin a space company that makes artificial ecosystems that can accommodate billions or trillions of people in space where this program is an ambitious program created by humans then spaceX which plans to create clans or colonies on mars pelanet and many again. Meanwhile, the school of Neo-Malthusianism itself in the real world can be felt or seen from government policies that recommend having no more than two children which of course happens in developing countries as well as in developed countries they even provide benefits for those who have children.


It can be concluded that the Cornucopians and Neo-Malthusianism schools where these two schools complement each other, where the Neo-Malthusianism school is the policy that is currently implemented which supports the future Cornucopians school which later if the programs have been realized, the policies initiated by Neo-Malthusianism will be reduced and stopped. It would be nice if population policies were combined with technological developments which will have a good and positive impact in the future.

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